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February 27, 2009

A monument to understatement, this marquee exemplifies the Lusty Lady’s knack for extracting eroticism using the minimal amount of coercion. A lesser wordsmith might have inserted a loaded modifier, such as ‘prodigious’ or ‘swollen’. But by keeping it bare, the Lusty Lady illustrates why she is the ultimate source for impartial innuendo. And it is this refreshing impartiality that compels the passerby, regardless of his politics, to gather up his loose change, take his place at booth five, and inject some liquidity onto the economy.


February 6, 2009

Depending on the passerby’s taste for water sports, the derivation of this erotic pun might not be immediately evident. Nevertheless, once grasped, its potential is palpable . With this simple phrase, the Lusty Lady has managed to construct a world where nautical charts and centerfolds are seamlessly interwoven. Speed butts, motor butts, paddle butts. All these and more can be yours because at the Lady it only costs a quarter for fifteen seconds of fleet week.