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March 20, 2009

Peep your dewy eyes above the rushes,/And rush the Greek Lodge of Hera Pi./Persephone has pegged you as the lushest,/And this dam for dames is hella dry.//Don’t fret that your tail is not so flat,/Your teeth not buck, and your pelt too bare,/We love your luscious hills and lack of rat,/And your Brazilian genus’s style of hair.//Now you must learn the secret handshake,/A nominal exchange of coin,/It will open windows and connections make,/The key beam of your lodge’s groin. –William Blake


March 17, 2009

Note the spelling of this marquee’s ultimate word. Clearly the Lady had two choices here: the more simple “braless” (“bra-less”) or the incarnation you see before you. By using the second spelling, the Lusty Lady marquee leans away from a straightforward advertisement of its product (chicks with no bras) and instead cements its literary puritanism. The distinction between “braless” and “braughless” is subtle, but significant. The next time St. Pattie’s rolls around, ask yourself Erin Go Braugh? No thank you.

March 17, 2009

In honor of the Irish Holiday the Lusty Lady shies away from its typical punnage and opts instead for a simple homophone. The twist, however, is that while the original construction refers to a general positive stereotype about a major American ethnic group, the Lady’s take implies a much more active and insatiable emotion in our Irish brethren. The implication being, we posit, that this lust can be satisfied for a single twenty-five cent piece.

March 12, 2009

Behold The Lusty Lady, master of erotic psychology, for she has constructed a phrase that will release you from your subliminal perversions. In sound and spelling, it’s a phrase you have seen a hundred times before. Yet in the aura of 1315 First Ave, the words reel and rearrange like a Rorschach blot, challenging you to bare your soul and reveal a double entendre that has been there all along. Yes, you have made a lot of progress today. Unfortunately your time is up. Unless of course, you have another quarter.(thx to Russell for update)