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May 14, 2009

To the untrained eye this marquee contains no pun at all. It is just a straightforward advertisement for a cheap peep show. But to the veteran voyeur it contains a secret message. Observe. First convert 25 to roman numerals and CENTS to the abbreviated C. You now have XXVC A PEEK. Next, reversing it gives you KEEP A CVXX. Now if you split CVXX into CV XX and convert CV to proper roman numerals (XCV) and reverse just that, you have KEEP A VCX XX. Or, KEEP A V(iagra) C XXX. Q.E.D. TITTAYS! That’s right, eat her edible shorts Will Shortz.


May 14, 2009

We were hesitant to put this up. After all it is just an old stopgap, and one which we have already reviewed. Yet in spite of the fact that it’s recycled, this marquee provides fresh comfort to the passerby. It tells him, ‘Even in these uncertain times when life becomes all topsy-turvy, you can still rely on the Lusty’s ladies to always all be topless and curvy.’ In other words, add vixens to your death and taxes. Or even more succinctly put, ‘TITTAYS 4 EVA!’ Note: You can see the original write-up by clicking back to November 15, or by visiting our lustyladymarquee wordpress blog.