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June 29, 2009

This appears to be a continuation on the ‘BARE WELL MIMI’ theme (she must have been quite a lady). But rather than provide us with some answers about Mimi, this marquee just presents us with more questions. First there is the matter of the pun. As experienced Lusty Lady translators, we recognize the familiar ‘miss’ wordplay, ‘miss’ being Ladyese for a member of their dance staff. Still its use here is especially subtle. Next there is the implication that Mimi will be fondly remembered by the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). Why? Do SAM and the Lusty Ladies share some common bond because they are both trying to squeeze a quarter out of heavily touristed 1st Avenue? OR, did Mimi ‘cross over’?


June 29, 2009

In matters of personnel changes, the Lusty Lady always proceeds with gracious discretion. From this marquee, the passerby can infer that a miss named Mimi and the Lady have parted ways, but he can deduce no more. Mimi may have chosen to depart for greener pastures, or the Lady may have pruned one of its underperforming misses. The substantial but flat salary that comes with being a miss makes both scenarios equally likely. We are also left in the dark as to Mimi’s future. The ‘BARE WELL’ seems to wish her good luck in a continued career as a professional undresser. Then again it could just be a pun. Maybe she really was ‘working her way through college.’

June 15, 2009

I shall be telling this tale with a sigh/In the depths of the Lady, just last Fri/Two booths diverged ‘fore the ladies,/One with a window, one with a one-way window , and I/I took the one more beaten,/And that has made all the difference. — Robert Frost

June 12, 2009

Disguised inside this provocative pun is a quiet disclosure of the Lusty Lady’s rigid and somewhat scandalous hiring policies. Before any beauty gets to gyrate against those hallowed poles, she must first pass a rigorous background check that establishes that she was born and reared inside the boundaries of our fine state. This of course has prompted cries of discrimination. But defenders say that this rule is not motivated by protectionism, but by a cultivated taste for organic T and A. Not that some of these ladies don’t have artificial mammary enhancements or even skin art, but at least it’s been done under the careful supervision of Washington’s strict stripper board.

June 1, 2009

Here we see the versatility that has made ‘BARE’ the foundation of so many Lusty Lady pun constructions. Not only does it have a commonly occurring homophone (‘BEAR MARKET’, ‘GO BEARS’, ‘JUST GRIN AND BEAR IT’), and its share of handy rhymes (‘DARE TO BE GREAT’, ‘SCARE TACTICS’), it also can be substituted for alike sounding syllables for instant, fly-busting fun. Needless to say we anxiously await the inevitable adaptation of ‘BARYSHNIKOV’.

June 1, 2009

Sometimes the sex puns are secondary. In this case the marquee primarily serves as a warning beacon. It informs us that the ravenous bear roaming the back alleys of the Scandinavian District is still at large. So make sure to wear your bear suit. Unless of course you are one of the Ladies, in which case your bare suit should be more than sufficient.