In matters of personnel changes, the Lusty Lady always proceeds with gracious discretion. From this marquee, the passerby can infer that a miss named Mimi and the Lady have parted ways, but he can deduce no more. Mimi may have chosen to depart for greener pastures, or the Lady may have pruned one of its underperforming misses. The substantial but flat salary that comes with being a miss makes both scenarios equally likely. We are also left in the dark as to Mimi’s future. The ‘BARE WELL’ seems to wish her good luck in a continued career as a professional undresser. Then again it could just be a pun. Maybe she really was ‘working her way through college.’


2 Responses

  1. Probably refered to Mimi Gates who retired

  2. Thank you for the comment, llfan. This blog’s fact-checking department really dropped the ball on this one. Fortunately, our commentariat has been gracious when correcting us. (We managed to carry over the fictional Mimi into SAM WILL MISS YOU, where another commenter, Eric, set us straight on Mimi Gates: ).

    Anyway, thank you for reading and commenting. If you notice anymore errors, please let us know.

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