This appears to be a continuation on the ‘BARE WELL MIMI’ theme (she must have been quite a lady). But rather than provide us with some answers about Mimi, this marquee just presents us with more questions. First there is the matter of the pun. As experienced Lusty Lady translators, we recognize the familiar ‘miss’ wordplay, ‘miss’ being Ladyese for a member of their dance staff. Still its use here is especially subtle. Next there is the implication that Mimi will be fondly remembered by the Seattle Art Museum (SAM). Why? Do SAM and the Lusty Ladies share some common bond because they are both trying to squeeze a quarter out of heavily touristed 1st Avenue? OR, did Mimi ‘cross over’?


2 Responses

  1. They are reffering to Mimi Gates (Bill Gates’ stepmother) who was the director of the Seattle Art Museum.

  2. Thank you for the information Eric. Moreover, thank you for delivering it without any sarcasm or condescension. One would think that I would do this kind of research before composing a dissertation on the fabled ‘Mimi.’

    Unfortunately, your story debunks our hypothesis that Mimi was a curator who ‘crossed over’ when the Lusty Lady offered her better hourly wages to join their distinguished team of exhibitionists. I guess the merchants of first avenue really do just share a special bond. Either that or SAM bought the marquee for a week.

    Anyway, thank you for the comment. Come back any time.

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