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July 23, 2009

You know that an event has established itself as a Seattle staple when its annual arrival is announced in a ribald pun on The Lusty Lady marquee. Yes, the Bite of Seattle has joined the likes of The Big Boat Show, STIFF and Thanksgiving as an event that is thoroughly discussed at the Lusty Lady’s brainstorming retreat in San Diego each year. And why not? What better than a celebration of epicurean delights, paired with a crisp double entendre, to lure the passerby into the Lusty Lady for a sensuous digestif. And for just a few quarters one can sample a selection of sweets, from the exotic (Jasmine) to the down-home (Cherry).


July 11, 2009

While the other side of the Lusty Lady marquee contains a simple homage to the King of Pop (JUST BEAT IT), this one is considerably more cryptic. Is it a simple reference to Boeing planes ‘taking off’ from SeaTac airport, or is it a grave reminder of the jobs that will ‘take off’ if the Machinist union doesn’t give in to Boeing’s ‘no strike’ ultimatum? And if it’s the latter, where does the Lusty Lady stand on the labor dispute? Her sister strip club in San Francisco made headlines as the first dancer-owned cooperative, but she herself is more traditionally run. And then of course there’s the nub of the pun, which is, ‘Will the runway match the hangar?’

July 9, 2009

The Lusty Lady has broken its record streak of consecutive sex puns in order to pay proper tribute to an american legend. This marquee contains no Yankovichian rhymes, or Gallagherian homophones; it’s just an untouched verse from one of Jackson’s bestselling singles. So slip on over to a Lusty Lady booth and pay your respects. But may we suggest that like the King of Pops, you also wear a single glove. It will protect you from any ‘blessings’ that may have been left by the booth’s previous mourner, and obviate the need to bleach your skin afterwards. Of course, if you plan to leave your own ‘offering’ to MJ, perhaps you should skip the rhinestones. Now just beat it.