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October 12, 2009

Oh the trials and tribulations of this ailing economy. First Tubs Hydrotherapy powers down its primordial hot tubs, and now the Lusty Lady is reduced to giving away her clothes to cut overhead costs. Her ample bust is undoubtedly the only thing keeping her afloat. Poor girl, probably doesn’t even have two quarters to rub together. We should help her out…Wait a minute! It’s a scam. The classic bait and switch. The first clothes are a 100% off, but you’re locked into the undergarments at only 20% off. We should have read the pun’s fine print. Now WE’RE hard up for quarters. Damn you Lusty Lady!


October 1, 2009

Once more the Lusty Lady generously shares her sartorial secrets with the schlubs who plod 1st Avenue. Her advice this fall: lose the garments ladies. That’s right, forget the power frock, the business thong, the legal tights and the presentation bra. This fall it’s all about the birthday suit. Flesh is the new black. If you must drape yourself in something, go with a neutral vinyl trench, preferably see-through, definitely no buttons. This isn’t to say you can’t accessorize. Your favorite belly button heirloom or a personalized tramp stamp can help make this look your own. For more ideas, head down to the Lusty Lady where Brook, Destiny and Crystal will be on the runway showing off the latest in the Lady’s eponymous line of women’s fully-naked wear.