On its own this marquee appears to be a straight forward play on ‘Jingle Bells’ and inertially disturbed breasts. But when considered next to last week’s marquee (JINGLE BALLS) it takes on an odd deja vu quality. Why would the Lady reuse ‘Jingle Bells’ when there are plenty of unused holiday songs ripe for erotic wordplay (e.g. ‘Jingle Bell Rock’)? Experts believe these twin puns must contain a secret message. For instance, in each marquee only one letter is changed in ‘Jingle Bells’: an ‘e’ to an ‘a’, and an ‘n’ to a ‘g’. This gives you Ne (neon, a noble gas) changing to Ag (silver, a noble metal). In other words, ‘nobility transcends form’, which of course is the tag line for the latest semi-solid menu offering at Dairy Queen. *Actually JIGGLE BELLES. We must have been distracted.


2 Responses

  1. The sign actually read ” Jiggle Belles ” which makes more sense than your version of ” Jiggle Bells “

  2. Thank you for the correction, unregistered. We’ll concede that your version of ‘Jiggle Bell.*s’ is more logical than the one we’ve recorded here. And the Lusty Lady, being the consummate erotic wordsmith that she is, always produces the optimal pun for any given input phrase.

    However, there is one problem. Our deconstruction of the code contained in ‘JINGLE BALLS’ and ‘JIGGLE BELLS’ is beyond criticism. I mean, c’mon, Ne -> Ag. That’s bulletproof.

    On the other hand, we SUPPOSE this also supports your claim:


    Anyway, thanks again for the correction. Sorry for the screw-up. Hopefully this blog won’t be the only remnant of the Lusty Lady found by a future alien culture.


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