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February 24, 2010

The Lusty Lady has grown weary of cranking out successful, but ultimately repetitive, pop erotic wordplay. So she is moving on to more experimental smut. Here she has written a sex pun in an invented dialect. Notice how ‘me lusty latte’ parallels another famous line of broken english, ‘me love you long time’, from Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket”. It’s a commentary on how the Vietnamese hookers of FMJ, who revive burned-out soldiers, fill the same role as the strippers of the Lusty Lady, who revive burned-out civilians. Indeed, resurrection is a recurring theme in this pun. ‘Latte’, of course, refers to the staple pick-me-up of Seattle, our own ‘water of life’, which functions, like the whiskey of Joyce’s “Finnegans Wake”, as a…Oh! Now I get it, MELUSTY LATTE! Hahaha. Never mind.


February 5, 2010

This pun, along with its co-pun, WHERE EVERY MISS IS A HIT, alludes to a question that has baffled Lusty Lady patrons for years : How did the Lusty Lady experience become so perfect? In other words, doesn’t it seem odd that every sigh is just right and that every miss is a hit? This is known as the Goldilocks Enigma, and it has led many to conclude that there must be an intelligent designer behind the peep show. But the real answer lies in the application of the anthropic principle, which states that it is not odd that we observe the Earth to be the perfect distance from the sun, or the universe to be the perfect density, or the Lusty Lady dancers to be perfectly endowed, because were these things not perfect, we wouldn’t be around to observe them at all. Does that make sense?