The Lusty Lady has grown weary of cranking out successful, but ultimately repetitive, pop erotic wordplay. So she is moving on to more experimental smut. Here she has written a sex pun in an invented dialect. Notice how ‘me lusty latte’ parallels another famous line of broken english, ‘me love you long time’, from Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket”. It’s a commentary on how the Vietnamese hookers of FMJ, who revive burned-out soldiers, fill the same role as the strippers of the Lusty Lady, who revive burned-out civilians. Indeed, resurrection is a recurring theme in this pun. ‘Latte’, of course, refers to the staple pick-me-up of Seattle, our own ‘water of life’, which functions, like the whiskey of Joyce’s “Finnegans Wake”, as a…Oh! Now I get it, MELUSTY LATTE! Hahaha. Never mind.


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  1. Yeah, so like we were saying, this pun clearly alludes to ‘Finnegans Wake’, which itself alludes to the inevitable introduction of a new menu offering at Fonte Coffee, the Lusty Latte.

    Here’s the link :

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