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April 29, 2010

With her retirement now less than two months away, the Lusty Lady has chosen to focus her remaining wordplay on movie titles, her bread and butter. Impressively, her efforts have yielded quite literally bread and butter. Within twelve hours of this pun going up on the Lady’s marquee, QFC announced a new dessert item in its bakery section: the Avatart. Of course, QFC’s official reason for introducing this new turquoise confection is the Blu-ray release of Avatar. But one look at the topless Na’vi in the icing and it’s clear that the real inspiration for this gaudy double layered sheet cake is the bawdy double entendre currently adorning the Lusty Lady. Just another example of how life imitates tart.


April 14, 2010

This week the Lusty Lady announced that the Internet, with its glut of free pornography and free pun engines, has rendered her obsolete. So it’s fitting that the Lady’s current marquee pun refers to another legend that is being killed off by new technology. We are of course referring to the classic 1981 film based on the legend of Perseus, ‘Clash of the Tight Buns’, which has been remade for the sole purpose of showing off the adult film industry’s newest technology, 3D. The myth’s plot, characters, and pace have all been sacrificed for the sake of sticking in 3D wherever possible. There is even a pointless 4D scene featuring a CGI cameo by Linda Lovelace. Worst yet, unlike the internet T&A which is displacing the Lusty Lady, this excess of D is definitely not free.