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May 22, 2010

“How strange,” you’re thinking. “The Lady has sacrificed a perfectly clear double entendre in order to make its risque meaning not only obvious but obligatory. This is very unlike her; she is not in the habit of dumbing down her wordplay for the sake of the dimmest possible pedestrian. So what’s up with that hyphen?” Here’s what’s up. The Lady inserted the hyphen (and compromised her craft) as a show of support for her favorite Australian Mariner, Ryan “Hyphen” Rowland-Smith, who has been struggling mightily ever since the Lady announced her retirement. The hyphen represents the eternal bond between rugged Aussies and saucy American ladies.


May 20, 2010

Here we have an exceptional pun based on an exquisite feminine rhyme. Let’s start peeling. First, it’s a loving tribute to the evolutionary adaptations that have made the females of the Lusty so delectable (and selectable). Second, it’s a sobering reminder that the muse of 1st Avenue will soon be closed (and clothed). And finally, it’s a subtle hint to WHY she will soon be closed: crowdsourcing. You see, after the Lady announced her retirement, this exact pun emerged from the comment sections of all the Seattle blogs. It was the inevitable opus of a hundred amateur punsmiths. And by putting it up on her marquee, the Lady is acknowledging that there are finally enough monkeys out there banging at keyboards to replace her.