The Seattle Untimely Lusty Lady Marquee blog provides you with the latest and greatest sex puns from your favorite coin-operated peep show. It also features innuendo-fueled reflections from the writers of Seattle Untimely.

You can include the Lusty Lady Marquee on your own blog, website, Facebook or MySpace profile through our handy (and dandy) Lusty Lady widget. The widget comes in three flavors: a flash Widget, a Mac OS X Dashboard Widget, and an embeddable Flash Widget. Ehemm, Widget.

Finally, if you happen to pass (or patronize) the Lusty Lady and notice that the marquee has been updated, please feel free to email it to us at seattleuntimely [at] gmail [dot] com. Or even better, post it in the comments along with your own insights on the erotic wordplay.

Your Humble Joke-Hers,
Seattle Puntimely


One Response

  1. The Swedish Invasion

    The Swedish Legal System is a downtown Seattle based band that filmed a video to their version of Calry Simon’s “You’re So Vein” in the Lusty with the help of several Lustys and staff.

    Filming ended yesterday and we should have the final product in the next few weeks.

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