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June 1, 2010

As the Lady’s clock ticks down the hours to her permanent close, the punnery on her marquee hints no longer at what’s to come, but reminisces about what came before. Depending on your willingness to stretch common slang, the meaning of this signage is either uncharacteristically juvenile and asexual, or overtly graphic in its allusion to action over object. Further, as the sign eulogizes the Lady’s glory days, the pun is less an invitation for passersby to peak behind the glass, and more an explanation – a boast even – for why the glass was there in the first place.


May 20, 2010

Here we have an exceptional pun based on an exquisite feminine rhyme. Let’s start peeling. First, it’s a loving tribute to the evolutionary adaptations that have made the females of the Lusty so delectable (and selectable). Second, it’s a sobering reminder that the muse of 1st Avenue will soon be closed (and clothed). And finally, it’s a subtle hint to WHY she will soon be closed: crowdsourcing. You see, after the Lady announced her retirement, this exact pun emerged from the comment sections of all the Seattle blogs. It was the inevitable opus of a hundred amateur punsmiths. And by putting it up on her marquee, the Lady is acknowledging that there are finally enough monkeys out there banging at keyboards to replace her.