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March 18, 2010

Rather than produce any new content on this, the most saucy of holidays, the Lady has opted to just recycle last year’s pun. Actually, she did make one minor edit; she added an unnecessary hyphen. No doubt this allows her to extend the copyright another year.


March 17, 2009

Note the spelling of this marquee’s ultimate word. Clearly the Lady had two choices here: the more simple “braless” (“bra-less”) or the incarnation you see before you. By using the second spelling, the Lusty Lady marquee leans away from a straightforward advertisement of its product (chicks with no bras) and instead cements its literary puritanism. The distinction between “braless” and “braughless” is subtle, but significant. The next time St. Pattie’s rolls around, ask yourself Erin Go Braugh? No thank you.

November 16, 2008

In its commitment to celebrating cultural debauchery, The Lusty Lady has put a uniquely erotic spin on our favorite vice-filled holiday. The marquee evokes thoughts of nerd fraternities, summer camp, and double dog dares. Intoxicated with these images of PG sexuality, the passerby fishes for a quarter and departs the parade to take his turn as the patron saint of clever strippers. (throwback)